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Liberty Shells


Proclaim Liberty through all the LAN to all the users thereof

We are offering liberty shells: free shell accounts on OpenBSD. Here's what we provide with each liberty shell:

100MB32MBShared DDoS filtered IPv4Unique IPv6Up to 10Shared 100Mbps
Web HostingSSL CertVhostsApplications
PHPOne free certrequest?applications

Free of charge running free software with real time support from IRCNow over live chat.

To get started with shell account, connect to and /join #shell. Then, request account creation and we will help you with the setup.

A shell account requires that you learn the UNIX command line. We have a set of tutorials designed to help novices learn quickly. You must be prepared to do some reading and learning, but the knowledge you gain will be very useful if you want to learn more about computers and programming.

Please see our terms of service and privacy policy.

To get an account, join our community at and join #shell to ask for an account. We currently have an interview process to make sure accounts are not abused.

  1. Unix101: Learn the Command Line
  2. Unix201?: Understand Network Civics
  3. Unix301?: Learn the Unix Work Ethic
  4. Unix401?: Shell Script
  5. Unix501?: Perl Script
  6. Unix601?: Program in C
  7. FAQ?
  8. For Bash users
SSH Clients
NameWindowsMacLinuxAndroidiOSWebLicenseCreate SSH Keys
PowerShell      BSD 
Putty      GPLPuTTYgen Keys
OpenSSH      BSDssh-keygen
DropBear?      MIT 
KiTTY?      ? 
Termius      ? 
Terminus?      ? 
ConnectBot      ?ConnectBot Keys
Termux      GPL 
JuiceSSH      ? 
GetConsole?      ? 
Blink?      ? 
iTerminal?      ? 
Shelly?      ? 
WebSSH?      ? 
Mac Terminal      BSDssh-keygen
serFISH      ? 
sshwifty      AGPL 
  1. SSH fingerprints
  2. Android users?
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