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Minutemin Bootcamp

IRC101IRCConnect to IRC Gives you access to the networkFree Tech Support and Services
Liberty ShellUnixSign up for a Liberty Shell free space to host your needsFree Liberty Shell
Unix101UnixLearn the Command Line knowledge about how everything worksUnlock Minutemin Path
BouncerIRCBouncer Tutorial 24/7 logs of the IRCFree Bouncer
ServicesIRCIRC Services Auto Voice/OpRegister Username and Channel
Channel OpIRCManage Channels Your own channelsUnlock Op of Liberty Path
Welcome!CivicsImmigrant's Welcome nice users 
IRCNow GoalsCivicsLearn IRCNow Project Goals ideas to helpUnlocks Netizenship Path
Congress ProcedureCivicsLearn about procedure in Congress   
Learn viShellLearn viFilesFile abilitiesCreate and Edit Files
Learn mg?ShellLearn mg (emacs clone)FilesMore file abilitiesCreate and Edit Files
Unix filesystem?ShellLearn the Unix FilesystemSSH connectionKnowledge about our system 
File commands?ShellCreate, delete, move, and edit filesSSH connectionKnowledge about files 
Commands?ShellLearn about commands and where to find helpSSH connectionKnowledge about all commands 
Install EggdropIRCInstall EggdropEggdrop Create First IRC Bot
Eggdrop RSS?IRCSet up Eggdrop RSS News FeedEggdrop Create IRC News Channel
Eggdrop Trivia?IRCSet up Eggdrop Trivia GameEggdrop Create IRC Trivia Game
Duck Hunt?IRCSet up Eggdrop Duck HuntEggdrop Create IRC Duck Hunt
Install ZNCIRCInstall ZNCShell accountYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Install psyBNCIRCInstall psybncYour own vpsYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Setup ngIRCd?IRCSet up Chat Server with ngIRCdYour own vpsYour own BouncerCreate your own ZNC
Configure MuttIRCSet Up Command-line EmailYour own vpsSet Up Email AccountSet Up Email
Web101WebCode Personal WebsiteYour own websiteSet Up Personal WebsiteSet Up Website
perl101?PerlLearn Perl ScriptingLearn to CodeLearn Perl ScriptingLearn to Code
shell101?ShellLearn Shell ScriptingLearn to CodeLearn Shell ScriptingLearn to Code
Configure doasUnixGive yourself root powers using doasYour own vpsRoot PowersMore possiblities
syspatchUnixPatch your system  Upgrade to Stable
TCP/IP NetworkingNetworkLearn Basics of TCP/IP   
IPv4 NetworkingNetworkLearn IPv4 Networking   
IPv6 NetworkingNetworkLearn IPv6 Networking   
Anycast AddressesNetwork    
Static NetworkingNetwork   
Packet FilterNetwork    
SSDP attackNetwork    
TCP ack floodNetwork    
TCP reset floodNetwork    
SYN Flood?Network    
HTTP Flood?Network    
NTP Amplification?Network    
UDP FloodNetwork    
amplification attackNetwork    
IRCNow RoadmapCivicsPlan the IRCNow Roadmap   
Minutemin's CodeCivicsRecite the Code of Honor   
Minutemin's ServerCivicsThe Minutemin's Server   
Call of DutyCivicsThe Call of Duty  Promotion to Minutemin
Good QuestionsCivicsHow to Ask Good Questions   
Servers' RightsCivicsServers' Rights   
AnnouncementsCivicsHow to Make Announcements   
Become a NetizenCivics    
Netizen RightsCivics    
Self-AdminCivicsUnderstand Self Admin   
IndependenceCivicsDeclaration of Network Independence   
Freedom to ForkCivicsPreserve the Freedom to Fork   
ConstitutionCivicsRead the Constitution and Bill of Rights  Unlock Netizenship Path
Religious LibertyCivicsFreedom of Religion Guarantee   
Free PressCivicsFreedom of Speech and of the Press   
Software FreedomCivicsSoftware Freedom   
PrivacyCivicsRight to Privacy   
Free Homestead VPSCivics    
Made on IRCCivics    
Unix Work EthicCivics     
The Startup DreamCivics    
Open For EveryoneCivics    
Due ProcessCivics    
Checks and BalancesCivics    
Rule by LawCivics    
United We ServeCivics    
Oper GuideIRCLearn to Oper an IRC Server  Unlock Oper Status
Install ngIRCdIRCInstall an IRC server   
Install AnopeIRCInstall IRC services   
Install hopmIRCDetect and ban spammers using an open proxy monitor   
netcat IRCNetworkTroubleshoot IRC with netcat   
netcat SMTP?NetworkTroubleshoot SMTP with netcat   
netcat IMAP?NetworkTroubleshoot IMAP with netcat   
netcat HTTPNetworkTroubleshoot HTTP with netcat   
pingNetworkTroubleshoot networking with ping   
digNetworkTroubleshoot DNS servers and records   
Telnet HTTPNetwork   
OpenSSL HTTPNetwork   
Intro to ChrootBSDLearn about Chroots  Unlock
Simple OpenHTTPdWebConfigure a Simple Web Server  Host your own Website
CGI ScriptingWebConfigure a CGI script to run with your web server   
Multi-user OpenHTTPdWebConfigure Multi-user Web Hosting  Webhosting for Others
Open ProxiesWebTest for Open Proxies  Avoid Getting Blacklisted
OpenHTTPd PerlWebRun Perl inside OpenHTTPd chroot  Install Perl Web Apps
OpenHTTPd PHPWebConfigure PHP for OpenHTTPd chroot  Install PHP Web Apps
SquirrelMailWeb   Host your own webmail
acme-clientSecurityRequest an SSL cert  Get SSL protection
ngircd sslIRC Configure SSL for your IRCd
ngircd linkIRCLink your ngIRCd Build an IRC network
PMWikiWebSetup your own private wiki  Setup your own private wiki
Chroot ZNCIRCSecurely install ZNC  Offer users secure ZNCs
TLS AccelerationSecurityEncrypt traffic with TLS  Host multiple services securely
OidentdSecurityProvide Ident for all users  Stop abuse on ZNC and shell servers
Oidentd for ZNCSecurityConfigure Ident for ZNC  Stop abuse on ZNC
ilinesIRCRequest connection limit exceptions from IRC networks  ZNC users can chat on other networks
DNS OverviewDNSLearn the Domain Name System   
DNS RecordsDNSUnderstand DNS Record Types   
Name RegistrarsHow to Choose a Registrar   Purchase Custom Domains
vhostConfigure vhost   Unlock Custom Vhost
FQDNDNSUnderstand FQDN and $ORIGIN   
nsdDNSConfigure Authoritative Name Server  Support custom domains
nsd master slaveDNS    
Troubleshoot Nsd?DNS    
rDNSDNSConfigure reverse DNS  Provide custom vhosts
Zone FileDNS    
unboundDNSConfigure a local caching nameserver   
digDNSTroubleshoot DNS records with dig   
hostDNSTroubleshoot DNS records with host   
unbound adblock     
DNS Blacklists?DNS    
Static IPsNetworkConfigure Static Networking  Add IPv6 Support
OpenSMTPdMailConfigure Mail Server  Send from your own mail server
DNS for MailMailCreate Mail DNS records   
SPFMailConfigure SPF records  Avoid Spam Folder
DKIMMailSet up DKIM signing  Avoid Spam Folder
DMARCMailSet up DMARC  Block Phishing and Spam
testMailTest sending mail  Send test letter
openrelayMailPrevent an open mail relay  Avoid Spam Folder
DovecotMailInstall POP and IMAP server  Read from your own mail server
Team ProcedureCivicsFollow Team Procedure   
Stable ProcedureCivicsFollow Team Procedure for Stable Servers  Promoted to Minutemin
Testing Procedure?CivicsFollow Team Procedure for Testing Servers  Promoted to Minutemin
Claim NetworksCivicsUnderstand Network Procedure  Claim Team Networks
botnowIRCInstall botnow  Provide bnc, mail, vpn, and shells over IRC
ZNC User's Guide?IRCUser's Guide to ZNC   
ZNC Admin's GuideIRCAdmin's Guide to ZNC   
ZNC SupportIRCSupport Guide to ZNC   
ZNC Modules?IRCZNC Modules   
WraithIRCSet up a botnet  Offer channel protection
File PermissionsSecurityFix insecure file permissions  Secure your server
CVS IntroCodeSet up version control  Unlock Code Force Path
CVS ReposCodeLearn to manage CVS repos   
AnoncvsCodeProvide read-only CVS access   
CVSwebCodeProvide read-only CVS web access   
gotCodeSet up version control  Unlock Code Force Path
gotwebCodeSet up web viewer for version control   
chroot sftpFileSet up a secure sftp server  Provide file hosting for users
ssh keysCrypto    
ssh backdoorCrypto    
VMM User GuideBSD   Control your VPS
Install OpenBSD 6.9BSD   Install OpenBSD 6.9
Upgrade OpenBSD 6.9?BSD   Upgrade OpenBSD 6.9
bsd.rdBSD   Install/Upgrade/Repair OpenBSD
fdiskBSD   Partition Hard Disk
disklabelBSD   Partition Hard Disk
growfsBSD   Grow a Disk Partition
newdiskBSD   Add a New Hard Disk
tcpdumpNetworkRead network packets   
Buyvm GuideBSD    
VMM InstallBSD    
VMM Linux GuideBSD    
OpenBSD 6.7 UpgradeBSD    
OpenBSD 6.8 SysupgradeBSD    
Packet FilterNetworkLearn Packet Filter  Set up firewall
PF StableNetworkConfigure Packet Filter for Stable Server  Set up firewall
PF TestingNetworkConfigure Packet Filter for Testing Server  Set up firewall
DDoS DefenseNetworkPractice DDoS Defense  Defend against DDoS Attacks
rDNS zoneNetworkSetup IPv6 rDNS zone  Unlock custom vhosts
ikedNetworkProvide IPSec using openIKED  Provide VPNs to users
Police GuideSecurityLearn police investigation techniques  Detect and ban abusers
Create PGP key?SecurityCreate PGP key  Unlock Voting Right
Verify signature?SecurityVerify PGP signature  Verify signatures and downloads
Create netPGP key?SecurityCreate PGP key  Unlock Voting Right
signify?SecurityVerify software download  Verify software download
ikedSecurityIPSec VPN with iked  Provide VPN service
VPN clientsSecurityConfigure IPSec VPN client  Use VPN
torsocksSecurityConnect to networks with tor  Cloak IP address for privacy
Hidden ServicesSecurityProvide tor hidden services  Provide anonymity for users
IRC with TorSecurityConnect to IRC with tor  Cloak IP address for privacy
sshd?SecurityConfigure and start sshd  Login to server securely
ssh?SecurityConfigure and connect using ssh  Login to server securely
SSH keysSecurityVerify ssh keys  Connect to server securely
SSH backdoorSecurityConfigure backdoor to connect to server during a DDoS Attack   
chrooted sftpNetworkSet up chrooted sftp  Provide secure file hosting
Custom botnowircrelayd?
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