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IRC Bouncers

  • Stay connected to IRC chat when your device is offline
  • Play back missed messages when you connect
  • Access unlimited IRC chat networks (with bridges to Telegram or Discord)
  • Get a DDoS-protected IP

It's free of charge running free software with real time support from IRCNow staff.

To get started with a free bouncer, connect to ircs:// and /join #ircnow. Then, type !bnc for a free bouncer.

Here's how to add a network on ZNC.

AdiIRC      Proprietary
Adium      GPLv2
AndroIRC      Proprietary
Atomic      GPLv3
Colloquy?      GPL/BSD
Hexchat      GPLv2
IRC for Android      ?
IRCCloud Web Android iOS   Apache 2.0 / Proprietary
IceChat WW   GPLv2
ircEX      ?
irssi      GPLv2
Igloo      Proprietary
KiwiIRC      Apache 2.0
Konversation      GPLv2
KVIrc      GPLv2
Limechat      GPLv2
Mibbit      Proprietary
mIRC WW   Proprietary
Pidgin      GPLv2
Quassel      GPLv2
Revolution IRC      GPLv3
SimpleIRC      GPLv3
smuxi      GPLv2
Textual      Proprietary
Thunderbird      MPL 2.0
turboIRC      ?
WeeChat      GPLv3
WinIRC      MIT
XChat     Proprietary/GPLv2
Yaaic      GPLv3
  1. W = Wine emulation
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